All About Cub Scout Pack 8

Cub Scouting has nine goals:

  • Positively influence character development and encourage spiritual growth
  • Help boys develop habits and attitudes of good citizenship
  • Encourage good sportsmanship and pride in growing strong in mind and body
  • Improve understanding within the family
  • Strengthen boys’ ability to get along with other boys and respect other people
  • Foster a sense of personal achievement by helping boys develop new interests and skills
  • Show how to be helpful and do one’s best
  • Provide fun and exciting new things to do
  • Prepare boys to become Boy Scouts

General Structure

Cub Scout Pack 8 is comprised primarily of Harper/Highcrest boys. Our Charter Organization is American Legion Post 46. We are a part of the Northeast Illinois Council, Potawatomi District. Our charter date is August 1st, 1957!

  • Dens are comprised of age appropriate (grade-level) boys, the ideal is 4 – 8 total, however, some of our dens are larger
  • The Pack is comprised of dens made up of 1st through 5th grade boys
  • Typically in Feb./Mar. of a Scout’s 5th grade year Cub Scouting leaves off and he “crosses over” to a Boy Scout Troop
  • Cub Scout Pack 8 has over 50 Scouts
  • Dens are led by parent Den leaders with support from Den parent volunteers
  • Pack Meetings are led by the Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmasters and supported by Den leaders/parent volunteers
  • We have a leadership Committee which meets once a month during the school year to plan Pack meetings/activities, to aid Den leaders as needed, to handle finances and administration of our program

Leadership + Contact Information

Den Meetings (smaller, grade-level group of Scouts)

  • Typically 1 meeting a month during school year (parents/leaders set meeting time – after school, evening, weekend)
  • Den meeting typically run about an hour
  • Ideally 1 outing per month during the school year – we do our best!
  • Den meeting content is typically guided by Cub Scout Handbook requirements/Leader Handbook outlines
  • Each Den level has an age-appropriate handbook. (Tiger/1st, Wolf/2nd, Bear/3rd, Webelos/4th, Webelos II/5th)

Pack Meeting (all the dens/grades)

Typically 1 meeting a month during school year – Wed. evenings, Harper Cafeteria. These meetings are family friendly.

Pack Camp Outs

Typically 1 in fall and 1 in spring, parent volunteer organized. Family friendly.

Pack Blue & Gold Dinner (all dens/grades & their families)

Typically held in early March, replaces March Pack meeting. 5th grade Scouts cross over to Boy Scout Troops and we celebrate Cub Scouting’s birthday!

Spring Pack Picnic/Raingutter Regatta

Typically held in early June at lakefront, family friendly.

Financial/Administrative – General

  • Our Pack sells popcorn each fall to help defray the costs of our Pack activities/supplies throughout the year – this is our only fund raiser of the year, each family is encouraged to participate.
  • We collect Pack/Den dues for each Scout. These fees are for BSA membership, a subscription to Boy’s Life Magazine (or Scouting Magazine for adult leaders) and help defray some of the materials/activity costs at the den level. The combined expense is typically around $100 for the year.
  • A completed Youth BSA application is required for all new Scouts.
  • A completed Adult BSA application is required for all adult leaders and must be turned in with a Youth Protection Training (YPT) certificate (30-min. online training – easy, important, and required!)

Learn more by reading the Parent Orientation Guide.